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Labraharvest Labradors ... are conveniently located in the prairie city of Medicine Hat and Grande Prairie,

Alberta, Canada!

IMPORTANT: We do not fly our Labradors away from home ...

This does not mean that you cannot pick up your puppy in person and fly home ... I just can't place my babies on a plane and send them away. .


We do ask that you make the necessary arrangements to pick up your Labraharvest companion in person so we can meet you and you can meet our family companions!

As of July 19, 2023 ..
Labraharvest is now RETIRED!

Thank you to the many, many families that have loved (and continue to love) and care for our beautiful Labradors.
To Judi, who gave me my first registered Labrador in 1980 ... thank you for
sending me down this road on an incredible journey.
My heart is full of beautiful memories! 

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