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True Labrador temperament and a great disposition are as important to us today as it was 40+ years ago. We raise a litter occasionally and offer our puppies to a few select families. Babies are whelped and reared in our home where we can watch and play with them constantly. 

Labraharvest is a small hobby kennel located in the prairie city of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. As we strive to produce a "multi-purpose" Labrador Retriever, we still believe that the characteristics which make a Lab a great companion, also make him a frisbee catcher, a couch potato, a field worker and a beautiful show dog, too!

Wicket Gainer.jpg

Labraharvest Tippity Wicket (black)
and Labraharvest Tenacity's Gain





Labraharvest believes that all our new puppy owners are now part of our 'extended' family and we will always be here for the lifetime of our Labradors.


**Please note**: Puppies under the age of 24 weeks may not be placed in homes where children are under the age of 7 years ... it's way too hard on the children to deal with the teething and mouthing stages of a puppy and it's usually the puppy that suffers major consequences. This will require that you 'convince me' you and your family CAN deal with the stages of puppyhood!




Due to the many requests for 2 puppies ... Labraharvest will not place two puppies of the same age group, in the same home. The raising and training of a single puppy requires a lot of your time, a lot of patience, and a ton of commitment ... and did I mention PATIENCE?  Two puppies can be a little over-whelming even for the experienced owners!

Peyton Enzo.jpg
"Enzo" and my grt niece, Peyton
painting willie maggie.jpg
11-L 2pups.gif
< Willie (15 year old quarter horse) comes to check out Maggie, a 5 week old Labrador puppy.
Both, Maggie and Willie are now immortalized in this beautiful painting by the very talented, Peggy Osborne. 
Harlee labraharvest gif.gif

Labraharvest Labradors are CKC registered, vaccinated (minimally), tattooed, wormed and have a complete veterinary examination before leaving our home. We do ask that you make an appointment with your vet to check out your puppy within 72 hours of leaving our home. IF your veterinary feels a Labraharvest puppy is of 'questionable' health, please return your Labraharvest puppy along with the written letter from your veterinary stating any and all problems and/or concerns, and Labraharvest will refund your original purchase price.

Labraharvest includes a clause in our contract which states that, "if at any time, for any reason, you are no longer able to care for your Labraharvest puppy/adult, they are most welcome to come home."  We also ask that you do not give away, sell, or destroy a Labraharvest Labrador without talking to and receiving a reply from us first. 

We like to keep our babies with their Mom til they are at least 12 weeks old.

We prefer to not over vaccinate so we do not inject toxins into their little bodies til they are older, stronger and healthier than the typical 6 weeks of age.

They receive their 1st vaccination (Parvo, Distemper) at 11 weeks of age.  A 2nd booster at 18 weeks and then a Rabies at 8 months.

By the time the babies are ready to depart they already have a good foundation for obedience commands (we clicker train) ..

* sit

* down

* wait

*coming when called

* walk on/off leash

* crate training

* house training

Babies travel to your home with a 3" binder containing all the health clearances for both parents, pictures, and tons of information to help every puppy parent through their new companions life. Plus, we will always be here for the lifetime of our Labraharvest Labradors!

We make sure our puppies are well socialized with children. Our nieces, nephews, friends and grand children are readily available to come over to hug and cuddle the babies throughout their life stages.

Puppies have free run on our acreage (supervised at all times, of course). They have the pleasure of running, sniffing, exploring, checking out things that go bump, boom, and rain storms. They love to say hello to the chickens, cows and horses, too!

On a very rare (and I mean rare) occasion we may have an adult to re-home ... they are completely obedience trained, house trained, up-to-date on Rabies and healthy, healthy, healthy!

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