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Time to meet the Doctor!

About 4 weeks before puppy comes home, I like to suggest that new families book an appointment for puppy to meet their new puppy doctor for a

- wellness check-up

- and a chance to meet your new family member (as well as the clinic meeting their new client)



- DISHES: stainless steel

- PUPPY FOOD: til they are 5 months old

(I feed and recommend PURINA PRO PLAN Lamb & Rice Puppy ... then I switch to the ADULT formula of SALMON for Sensitive Stomachs)

- CRATE: I prefer the wire crates - breathable and roomier

(I suggest you buy the adult size so you are not having to buy more crates as puppy grows)

I like my Labs to have lots of room to stand up; sit down; lie out flat; and be able to turn around comfortably (without banging and crashing into the walls)

- CHEW TOYS (pacifiers): pacifiers are meant to occupy your dogs time and attention while you are not able to watch him! For 40+ years I have trusted and depended on KONG and NYLABONE to get me through ALL life stages from puppyhood to senior. Please use your best judgement when selecting the 'sizes' of your pet's toys.. IF they can get their bottom jaw trapped/suctioned into any hole/opening ... believe me, THEY WILL!!

- TOYS (interactive): interactive toys are meant to be used under your supervision .. things that can be torn, ripped, or shredded need to played with while YOU are watching! a couple examples of interactive toys would be:

- stuffies (you won't believe just how much stuffing is in there!)

- latex toys (squeaky toys)

- rope toys


- BEDDING: you may want to invest in a super plush, expensive bed for your new family member,

but just remember, Labs are chewing machines til they are well over a year... and everything is fair game, including our bedding. I shop at valu-village for inexpensive bedding.

You'll know when the time is right for your puppy/adult to have a plush bed!

(NOTE: whenever you are in doubt about food, and/or toys ... just text or CALL ME!)


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Bringing Puppy Home

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