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Labraharvest Bound To Keep'er

C.K.C. registered

(CH. Oaksill Heza Keeper (Mister) x  Labraharvest Freedom Bound (Sassi)

Leesa weeds.jpg

'Leesa' is our 7th generation of Labraharvest and is a sweet, sweet girl .... she just oozes with gentleness and loyalty. Although she is very avid retriever, 'Leesa' spends her time going to work everyday with Doug. She is the assistant to the Safety Co-ordinator .. and she carries the clip board and helps do safety checks around the shop.

Currently a new Mom (babies were born June 4th, 2022), 'Leesa' is on maternity leave for a few more weeks and then will resumes her normal duties of being Doug's  assistant at work and his devoted companion! 

Leesa post.jpg
Leesa Inspector.jpg
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